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Alumni Spotlight: Quang Angel Le-Huynh

Previous NEIVSA involvement: Co-President, VES-2 Co-Executive Director, Board of Directors

Can you give us a brief bio of yourself? What are you doing now?

My name is Quang Angel Le-Huynh, born and bred in Boston, MA and now currently residing in Portland, OR. I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and am now a Facility Administrator for a dialysis clinic. I find that my passions lie heavily on leadership development, community engagement and professional maturation, which is why I always find myself always involved in some sort of capacity with non-profit work. Outside of my professional career and non-profit involvement, I am an avid traveller, life documenter, food enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

Favorite NEIVSA memory

The weekend of VES-2. The culmination of a lot of hard work in the name of togetherness is something I'll never forget.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

"Start today."

What flavor of ice cream would you be?

Olive Oil Ice Cream from Salt & Straw

What or who would you say are the biggest contributors to your success?

The most general answer I think is to say, that my foundations are the biggest contributors as to who I am today, and who I think I will become. That entails, of course my family, but also specifically who I surround myself with. I surround myself with like minded people - people who are never complacent - people who try to be a better version of themselves. That keeps me motivated and having those people be around pushes me beyond my ceiling, but also balances me out. I am fortunate to have had identified those people early on in my college career, and am also fortunate to be able to call some of those people, not just my friends or my support group, but now my business partners. To be able to manifest an idea and bring to life a passion project, such that of the Boston Night Market for example, I look forward to continue to learn, grow, and have shared experiences.

Something interesting that people may not know about you is...

I love country music and Britney Spear's first album.

Any words of wisdom you may have for those who have recently graduated or those still in college?

Take a good look around you, and identify to yourself, do these people I surround myself with pushes me to be a better version of myself? I strongly suggest figuring that out - establish that core group of people, and seeing how they can motivate you to reach your dreams.


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